Talas Creative Therapies projects were realised with the humanitarian organization Adra, actors and various experience groups.

2017 | Integram Project at ADRA Community Center Belgrade

Using the method of dramatherapy, we worked with a group of young male refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran over a period of six months. Together, we wrote poems, made drawings, and did theatre improvisations. The workshops were concluded  with a presentation at Bitef Festival 2017. 

The project and the accompanying documentary In/visible Faces (2017) were realised together with Shira Wolfe, Dragana Djukić and Katarina Ćirilović-Popović, in collaboration with Nemir Film.

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Watch the documentary In/visible Faces

2017 | Creative therapy workshops at ADRA Community Center Belgrade

Talas worked with a group of female refugees from Afghanistan and Iraq for three months. We communicated and shared through making a collage, which contained each woman’s wishes, thoughts, and experiences.

2016 | Theatre & Psyche, dramatherapy workshops with actors

The workshops included intensive physical training and theatre improvisations, using biographical material and fragments from myths and fairytales. The working process was presented at Bitef Festival 2016.

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2016 | Theatre & Psyche, dramatherapy with experience groups

The workshops included body exercises and theatre improvisations, using stories, myths and fairytales. This was an independent project organised and led by Lidija Andonov.

* We have written permission from the participants in our workshops to share the photographs and movie.*

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