About dramatherapy


In dramatherapy the psyche is
allowed to play again

For thousands of years, drama has been used in healing rituals. The use of drama process and theatre for therapeutic purposes begins with the development of psychodrama in the 20th century. Dramatherapy emerged in the 1970s, first in England and the US, followed by Germany, the Netherlands and many other countries. It has many years of application through private practices, various institutions, as well as educational, developmental and psychotherapeutic workshops. 

The word ‘drama’ derives from the Ancient Greek word ‘δράω’ or ‘drao’, which means ‘to act, to take action, or to achieve’. Drama connotes a personal experience which allows us to move and change things. Through images and scenes, this live mirror shows us what is often invisible and subconscious, that which we cannot describe but can experience in a way that goes beyond the verbal level. 

Dramatherapy draws inspiration from experimental theatre (Grotowski, Artaud), as well as psychological directions (Jung’s psychology). Through dramatherapy, art and theatre becomes available to everyone. It provides an authentic space to become aware of different parts of yourself, including those that you fear, shame and suppress. A need that has not found its expression creates a blockage. If you express it in a creative way, it will find its proper place. You can recreate yourself that way. more about Talas Creative Therapies>


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