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Talas Creative Therapies is the first dramatherapy association in Serbia, and a member of the European Federation of Dramatherapy.

About Talas Creative Therapies

Talas Creative Therapies was founded by Lidija Andonov, a dramatherapist, actress and singer from Belgrade on February 14th 2018 in Belgrade.

Dramatherapy is a place of possibilities where you can explore different roles and communicate through creative language. Talas provides individual and group sessions and workshops in dramatherapy.

In the play, you are free to explore and to express yourself. This shift of boundaries can provide a useful experience you can integrate into daily life. The aim of the work is to help people access their creativity and work on their topics in a safe way through the aesthetic distance of characters, stories and a variety of art forms.

Talas = Wave in Serbian

dramatherapy sessions

Published articles

The members of Talas are also engaged in the writing of academic articles and participation in conferences to contribute to the knowledge in the field.

In/visible faces: Dramatherapy as a tool for creating a space of possibilities with refugees

Published in Volume 41 Issue 3, Dramatherapy, a Sage Journals publication, 2022.

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