Dramatherapy experiences of some of the participants of workshops and sessions. 

New therapeutic expression, Inspirational, authentic, universal, widely applicable.Mira

Before working with Lidija, I did not know who I was. I was lost, vulnerable, frightened, and stuck in terrible, destructive patterns. Lidija helped me to uncover parts of myself that had been buried, new forms of strength, creativity, and wisdom, that I never even knew was in me. My work with her allowed me to become someone I’m proud of, someone capable of real, mutual, and connected relationships with others, and someone confident in my own creative perspective. Choosing to begin my journey of transformation with Lidija was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.Lily

What I personally remember most is sharing emotions and experiences with someone previously completely unknown, and in a non-verbal way, it somehow suits me. I also liked the idea that our body knows in every moment what we need to do, that we just need to listen to it. And just as we have some “problems” we also have solutions to them. – Aleksa

The experience of dramatherapy is important to me because I had the opportunity to see my barriers as well as my fields of freedom, whose boundaries can always be expanded. It helped me to become a little more aware of my emotions as well as the nature of emotions in general, and some psychological mechanisms that I am (most often) unaware of – such as projections. I learned how to stand on the observation deck (when certain events or situations are staged), how to be a more objective observer of myself, which helps a lot in resolving many entanglements. I was drawing after who knows how many years, and it was very liberating. Liberation is that word, maybe. Una

For me, the workshop was cathartic,  the structure, dynamics, the whole process and the establishment of relations between us is very interesting. I would love to go through it all one more time. – Milica

For me, dramatherapy workshops are, above all, a significant discovery. I went through a quality journey with my whole being. Guided by the external rhythm, we often neglect the internal one. We do not listen to our body, we do not live in the “here and now”, but we revive the past and we fear for tomorrow. Left to the established dynamics, formed and well-known routine, we do not see changes around us. With the improvisation and synergy formed in the group, I enjoyed every part of that process and went home inspired and full of enthusiasm.  If you asked me if I would go on this journey again, the answer would be, without thinking, Yes.Sladjana

What still attracts me from the workshops is the discovery of its application in theater and acting. I felt for me that I am in a safe space, and that in some strange way I am returning to myself. At the end of each workshop I get some new energy and motivation. A lot of things work on a subconscious level and this opens up the possibility to get in touch with ourselves. That is why I would recommend this workshop to everyone, as a regular practice that contributes to some mental hygiene, regardless of whether someone has a clearly defined problem or not. Nikolina

Finally work that uses the body, unconsciously, and not so much our intellect and  mind. We spend a lot of time at the Academy talking and sitting, and this workshop is all just not that. I was in process following my feelings and impulses, without thinking can I do something and am I allowed to do it. It opens me up both as a person and as an actor, because I was not afraid to make a mistake. Everything is there quite free, and therefore very pleasant. I am increasingly realizing what all theater can do and how it is connected with life. To open up to the movement we never did before, or to explore different roles within ourselves. Theater for sure has a potential for healing. Uroš

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