About Talas Creative Therapies

Talas* Creative Therapies is the first dramatherapy association founded in Serbia, and is a member of the European Federation of Dramatherapy.

Dramatherapy is a form of creative arts therapy which uses the transformative power of theatre for the purpose of personal growth, development and healing. For thousands of years, drama has been used in healing rituals. Since the twentieth century, many creative workers started rediscovering the therapeutic value of drama and theatre, and developed the related methods of dramatherapy and psychodrama.

The word ‘drama’ derives from the Ancient Greek word ‘δράω’ or ‘drao’, which means ‘to act, to take action, or to achieve’. Drama connotes a personal experience which allows us to move and change things. Through images and scenes, this live mirror shows us what is often invisible and subconscious, that which we cannot describe but can experience in a way that goes beyond the verbal level.

Talas makes a connection between theatre and psyche, integrating movement, voice, play, and rituals within a frame made from myths, dreams, fairytales or biographical material. This approach creates a safe and creative space for individuals to work on their personal topics. Talas is a place of possibilities, a place where each of us can explore different roles and  communicate through a creative language.

Talas Creative Therapies works with different kinds of groups:

  • vulnerable groups (dramatherapy has great potential to create a safe space for stress relief, development and empowerment of marginalised groups)
  • actors (workshops that offer a rich contribution to actors’ training and development)
  • experience groups (workshops for all individuals interested in developing creatively and working on their personal topics)


* Talas = wave in Serbian



Lidija Andonov is a Serbian dramatherapist and actress, who has been leading theatre and creative therapy workshops for children and adults in Berlin and Belgrade since 2015. She has worked with both groups and individuals, and has experience working with vulnerable groups, with actors, and with experience groups. Andonov was trained at the Institut für Theatertherapie in Berlin.


Shira Wolfe is a Dutch theatre practitioner and multidisciplinary artist, whose work is focused on creating intercultural dialogues through creative means. Between 2015 and 2016, she was working on creative projects (theatre and film) in Palestine. She holds an MA in International Performance Research, and has completed several intensive trainings in socially engaged theatre practice at University of Warwick and Trinity College Dublin, as well as with various theatre companies in Europe. She has been based in Serbia since 2016, and has been working in the field of dramatherapy since beginning 2017.