Dramatherapy with Lidija

From the documentary Transmodernity, a film about change-makers that challenge and transform the current system by exploring new possibilities for transitioning into a new paradigm with alternative social, economic and cultural approaches.

I am a dramatherapist, actress and singer. I work with people who want to explore their resources, look into their problems from a new perspective and express their potential. I do this through dramatherapy, using movement, voice, play, rituals, myths, dreams, fairy tales, and biographical material.

My work is about facilitating a safe space to investigate personal topics, in both individual and group setting. I believe everyone can explore different roles through creative therapies. 

I have been leading theatre and creative therapy workshops for children and adults in Berlin and Belgrade since 2015. My special interest is work with vulnerable groups and with actors.


Institut für Theatertherapie Berlin – Dramatherapist

Academy of Arts Novi Sad – Master Degree in Acting

Here is how you can work with me:
Individual Sessions

Emphasise your own resources and strength to work on your personal topics.

Drawing from myths, dreams, fairytales and biographical material, you will step out of the exclusively verbal and cognitive space and use movement, voice, drawings, play and rituals to look into your specific life topics from a fresh perspective.

Group Sessions

Experience the power and possibilities of creative group work.

Through play and improvisations, you will not learn how to act, but how to use theatre and drama for a deeper and more complete experience of yourself and your environment. This shift of boundaries can provide a useful experience which you can integrate into your daily life. Expect energising body and voice exercises that will activate your life energy.